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Application Services and Modernization for Digital Capabilities

Toptal's application development and modernization services help businesses develop, modernize, and innovate their digital capabilities. Get end-to-end product and software development from a global talent network with subject matter expertise in architecture and engineering. 
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Balazs Welker

Team Leader

Featured Full Team of Application Development and Modernization Specialists

Balazs Welker

Software Developer

Balazs has 10 years of experience in IT, working as a software engineer, PM, and game developer. He's an experienced web developer specializing in TypeScript, React, and React Native. Balazs's deep full-stack experience includes Node.js, Express.js, GraphQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB.

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Engineering Experience

10+ Years

Xingkui Wang

Front-end Developer

Xingkui is a full-stack developer who has 10+ years of front-end and 3+ years of back-end experience. He has lots of work experience in web development for enterprise and consumer products. He also worked as a co-founder of a startup for about two years. He works as a freelancer to balance work and life now. He prefers to work in JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and React on the front end and Node.js on the back end.

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Engineering Experience

17+ Years

Timothy Mensch

Senior software Architect

Tim is a senior software architect/engineer generalist. He has built the technology stack for multiple startups from the ground up. He also has experience rescuing projects and turning train wrecks into successful launches. He has worked in many domains, including retail, banking, internet of things, high-performance servers, machine learning, gamification, and scalable application server design.

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Engineering Experience

12+ Years



Application Development and Modernization Services

Toptal’s application development and modernization services helps you focus on your technology and application stacks with a point of view to migrate, modernize and mitigate any risks associated with legacy operations and to elevate your customer experience.

Digital Transformation

Accelerate value creation with a risk-proof digital transformation plan and a roadmap of executable projects that encapsulates your enterprise's core needs.

Application Development

Leverage Toptal's agile approach, and release cycles to your application portfolio development. Our rapid integrated development path based on unique industry methodologies.

Agile Transformation

Transform your organization with our community of Agile engineers with expertise across strategy, procedures, people, systems, and processes.

Legacy Application Migration & Modernization

Modernize your legacy applications with our global network of engineers and leverage newer frameworks, languages, platforms, and computing approaches to ensure a consistent experience.

Mobile Application Development

Delight your customers with a cross-platform mobile development experience that leverages native approaches while ensuring hybrid functionality to merge your business needs and customer' expectations.


Application Services & Modernization Solutions That Deliver Value

From services to team augmentation—Toptal has the right model for your business and project needs.

How Toptal’s End-to-End Delivery Works

Partner with Toptal to fully execute on your business and technology needs: from creating the strategy all the way through to implementation.


Define Problem

A leader from our team will work with you to understand your goals and assess your business challenges.

Develop Analysis

We’ll develop the best approach to achieve your goals and solve your business challenges.

Design Solution

We’ll deliver a clear solution and provide comprehensive advice on how to best execute and implement.

Execute Implementation

We’ll partner with your team to implement the solution proposed utilizing talent from our network.


How to Work with Toptal for your Application Development & Modernization Needs

Toptal matches you directly with global specialists from our network in hours—not weeks or months.


Talk to an Application Development & Modernization Lead

A leader from our team will work with you to understand your goals, technical needs, and team dynamics.

Get the Perfect Solution

From full end-to-end delivery to team augmentation—choose the best model for your business and project needs.

The Right Fit, Every Time

Work with Toptal’s Application Services and Modernization team on a trial basis (pay only if satisfied), ensuring that your needs are ultimately met.

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Explore Insights From the Application Services Field

Read the latest articles and resources to keep you current on emerging trends in mobile analytics, enterprise applications, server-less technology, and more.


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The Technology Service division at Toptal provides world-class technology consulting and implementation services to clients. Through their experience with the world’s largest consulting firms and product companies, the division has served a range of clients across industries on their innovation and digital transformation initiatives.

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More Application Development & Modernization Capabilities

Pair Toptal’s application development and modernization specialists with related competencies to tackle your business initiatives extensively.

Maximize your business performance with Toptal's Application Development and Modernization Services

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